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15 September 2010 @ 04:05 pm
Anti-immigrant, assimilationist if-they-don't-pass-as-white-it's-their-fault rage-inducing xenophobic BULLSHIT warning.

Thanks, Ms. Moon. I loved The Speed of Dark, but now you're joining Harlan Ellison in the Box of Shame.

Anyone I recommended that book to? Unrecommended.

Via maevele.

ETA: Just emailed the Wiscon concom about her being a GoH next year, and how I am NOT okay with that in light of this. No idea if it'll accomplish anything, of course, but it does make me feel uncomfortable/unsafe (and I'm not Muslim, it's got to be a tiny tiny fraction of how she's hurting directly-affected folk) so.

Going off the Wiscon contact page, since I wasn't sure who to write to, I wrote to concom35 [at] wiscon [dot] info.

<ETA2 So apparently people with less fuzzy brains can parse more of that post than I can, and it's EVEN WORSE than I thought. Wow. Apparently Ms Moon thinks the European settlers here were happy community-builders who were welcomed with open arms and... assimilated... or something. Also that the Native people of this continent don't exist?
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David Wesleydwesley on September 21st, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
1) In her original post, Shweta indicates she is angry (and various other emotions) at Ms. Moon's post. Then she indicates she will contacting Wiscon to state her objections to Ms. Moon being GOH. Then she posts a link, with an accompanying statement, to a comment that further parses and interprets part of Ms. Moon's post. None of it is libel, none of prevents Ms. Moon from posting about whatever she wants to post about, none of it threatens to beat her up on a dark street if she doesn't shut up. I also will point out that none of it implies that Ms. Moon has done something verging on illegal by stating her mind, as you seem to be regarding Shweta's statement. I don't know if you are intending the implication that Shweta is doing something actionable here by stating her reaction to have a chilling effect, but that's the way it's coming across to me.

Please look up the definition of libel. Shweta misrepresented what Ms Moon said and then implied a call to action that could cause harm to her. I am only interested in a "chilling effect" in the sense that I would like people to enter into public discourse with something of substance, rather than accusations and name calling. Don't you see that Shweta's actions were an attempt to shut down Ms Moon rather than debate her on the substance of anything said? Why aren't you concerned about that chilling effect?

2) Where did I say anything Ms. Moon said was libel?

You didn't.

3) No, duh, she posted the link so people could contact Wiscon and protest if they wanted. People actually get to do that, believe it or not. People can also support her being GOH, believe it or not. The concom may or may not take those opinions into account, as is their right. Are you seriously saying that that people don't have a right to object to a proposed GOH because such objection might affect their sales? That they don't have the right to post a link so that other people can do the same?

Once again, no. People can do all of those things as long as they are not libelous.

I find it problematic when an individual's or a group's reaction to someone's words, whether in a book or a story or a post like Moon's, results in accusations of censorship or infringing on free speech. Nothing prevents anyone from writing what they want (barring inciting riot and all that), but no one is immune from anyone reacting, rightly or wrongly, to what they say.

Of course not, but reactions still have to be allowed by law.

I also find it problematic that you seem to be more concerned about Ms. Moon losing a few book sales because Shweta won't buy her books or, gasp, unrecommends them, to the point of your vaguely accusing her of an illegal act, than the pain caused by Ms. Moon's post.

Shweta's ability to dredge up old tapes from her past and inappropriately apply them to the present does not mean that Ms Moon has caused any pain. If something my wife does reminds me of a painful memory regarding my father, does that mean my wife has caused me pain, or does it mean my father caused me pain. It's my responsibility to understand the difference and deal with it appropriately so that my wife only has to answer to her actions, not my father's. Shweta was very eloquent about the pain of rejection that she felt growing up and is absolutely worthy of sympathy for it, but I personally find a big disconnect between what Shweta perceived from Ms Moon vs what she actually said. If we allow Shweta's painful childhood to be an excuse for not having to be reasonable, then we are all screwed. Successful public discourse and debate isn't a contest over who has the biggest victim trump card.
shweta_narayan: angryshweta_narayan on September 21st, 2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
OKay, that's enough.

Dave, you are of course welcome to make this bizarre argument. You are however not welcome to continue to do so in my space.

I have already given you far more leeway than I should; any more of this and I'm hitting the ban button.

I will not be deleting any of your posts, borderline abusive as I find them, because unlike Ms Moon I believe in free speech, and I know you're not actually an SF Murphy level troll, though you are acting like one here.
Samantha Hendersonsamhenderson on September 21st, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
Shweta, I posted before I saw your reply. Please feel free to delete that if you wish - I don't intend to respond to Mr. Wesley anymore.
shweta_narayan: authorpic1shweta_narayan on September 21st, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
No worries, dear. This sort of thing being part of our community's public record, I'd rather keep the delete button for accidental reposts and actual trolls :)