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I didn't think this needed to be said, but apparently I was wrong.

So you guys

I thought this was obvious. People keep proving me overly optimistic. Check your privilege at the door, please

This does not mean "If you can't say nice don't say anything"; that is a sweet and gentle tool of oppression. Besides, I get stuff wrong all the time and appreciate being called on it once I've had a minute to get over myself.

It does mean, "If you can't show awareness of and empathy for problems other people have that you don't share, then listen, learn, and STFU while you're doing it." It most definitely does not mean come in telling me that you don't see oppression therefore I'm making it up in my silly little irrational brown head.

The utterly ignorant opinions of the privileged are not in fact worth more than the not utterly ignorant opinions of people in oppressed groups.

This also means that, if you don't want to learn about those problems, or if you "know nothing about {racism/sexism/ableism/other systemic oppression}" but still think you can tell people who experience it what's really going on, bewail our "filters", or ask if we've "actually considered" obvious things, then perhaps this space is one you should not be posting in. (And if you are confused about why such blather is condescending, I suggest you go find a dictionary.)

Because, yes indeed, blithely entitled folks, there are spaces where you should either STFU or GTFO. This is one of them.

Tags: bigotry, fail, heads-up, house rules, privilege, racism
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