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12 December 2010 @ 01:20 pm
So you guys, here's a good reason not to take OTC thyroid medication.

I have lots of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  But it turns out I also have very low cortisol levels, which suggests adrenal or pituitary problems that may be making the thyroid hormones less effective (or I may just have multiple failing glands).

And as far as I currently understand,  thyroid medication can make the other stuff worse.  And lower cortisol levels than I have (morning cortisol of 0.3, when normal is 6+) could be fatal.

So, I know dealing with the medical establishment can be immensely frustrating.  And I know this wet-rag feeling is AWFUL and one just wants to Do Something about it.  Just, y'know.  Be aware that Doing Something without full knowledge can kill you, okay?
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