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More Tough Guide: Helpful Natives!

The entries here were only part of what I thought up, so here are the rest :)

(re: my lack of responses there; I did read all comments & appreciate them! But sometimes I am going happily along and then boom, I hit a wall, and have no brain at all and posting is haaard. So that's what's happened when I'm responsive for the first few comments and then silent -- it's necessary self-care, and doesn't mean anything beyond "Shweta energy is severely limited". And it may well happen this time too.)


The Magical Native Mentor (MNM) is a Tour Official, a special type of Mentor who is also akin to the Magical Negro; as such, the MNM will never have any motives of his (or occasionally her) own, and will exist only to ensure that Tourists get the most out of their experience.

MNMs are always wise, almost always old men, and generally Fabulously Dressed; they can be relied on to provide Tour Commentary about how boring the Clothing is in Fantasyland proper. Their Clothing will also help the Tourist identify the flavor of MNM they have: Eastern, African, or Tribal.

- Eastern MNM Wisdom takes the form of Mystic Philosophy; this MNM will encourage the Tourist to find Inner Balance. This Inner Balance will manifest as Martial Arts.
- African MNMs have Earthy Practical Wisdom, and will urge the Tourist to become One with Nature.
- Tribal MNMs Commune with the Spirit World, and will Guide the Tourist on an Animal Spirit Quest.

MNMs never have family or community who need their help, unless these Natives are part of the Tour; they can therefore be expected to serve only the Tourists' interests. They do generally have Secrets, which they will refer to only indirectly (OMTs include inscrutable, oblique) until halfway through the Tour; however, none of these will ever turn out to provide a conflict of interest -- even when Tourists are invading the MNM's native land (c.f. Evil Empire). This is often because they have been Enlightened with Western Notions and seen the Evil in their Homeland.

In addition to being Wise, MNMs are always Quirky; unlike other Mentors, they aren't too proud to provide Comic Relief. This will be Endearing, and give the Tourists motivation when they die (which they will do right before the Climax).


Oppressed Native Girl (ONG) lives in the Evil Empire and is either an Exotic Princess or a Heathen Priestess, these being the only job openings for young women in the EE. She has much in common with the Feisty Feminist Heroine; however, being a Native, she can't understand or challenge her own Oppression, or make changes in her own culture; she must be Rescued.

If she is an Exotic Princess she will live in a Harem. If she is a Heathen Priestess she will live in The Temple. In either location, Veils, Chains, and midriff-baring skirt ensembles are popular Clothing. These won't slow her down during her Rescue, but they will jingle.

Once Tourists have Rescued ONG, they will have to Enlighten her with Western Notions; once Enlightened, she will be Grateful enough to Fall In Love with one of them. (Note: if this is part of the Feisty Feminist Tour, ONG is allowed to be Queer as well as Dark).


Surprisingly Enlightened Native Prince (SENP) is the Tyrant's Heir. However, he is Clever enough to have learned some Western Notions all by himself. He will therefore help the Tourists once they can convince him they are Pure of Heart.

However, SENP, like all Natives in the EE, is Oppressed and Frightened, and does not believe he can do anything against the Tyrant. Tourists will have to help him find Courage. This will not come about by argument, since Natives need Reasons of the Heart, not just Logic. An Unsanctioned Romantic Liason will solve the problem -- either with the Feisty Feminist Heroine or a Native who is somehow Forbidden. If this relationship is with the FFH, it will just be a Vacation Fling; however, if it is with a Forbidden Fellow Native, it will be True Love.


Old Tongue

There is only one of it. Evidently the former inhabitants spoke only the one Language. This seems to make it very potent. -DWJ, The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

The Old Tongue is entirely unrelated to the Common Tongue, The history of colonial violence implied by this doesn't come up, because only Good Countries have an Old Tongue. However, since it must be the Language of Natives who were wiped out, it is Magical. Native things always are.

This Language is believed to survive only in some Highly Magical Scrolls; however, some Places, People, or Philosophical Concepts will turn out to be Old Tongue words that survived. They will also turn out to be Magical. Warning: since Tourists are almost certainly mispronouncing the apostrophes, the effect of speaking these names may be somewhat unpredictable.

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