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31 August 2011 @ 01:06 pm
signal boost: Aliette de Bodard on the prevalence of US tropes in storytelling  
Important stuff here IMO. Pulling apart a number of false universals.

A minor nuance thing; I'm not precisely against the active-protagonists (eta er, not at all against them in general and not precisely against the universalism so much as concerned about it), and am not sure this is a US-only thing exactly. I think it's also just easier to keep readers' attention on a moving object than a static one, so it makes sense in the context of writers who don't know what we're doing yet. Where I think it's problematic is the way it shifts focus away from experiencing/internal life, and casts negative judgment on wonderful stories that are about that. I think action and experiencing both matter, and the relative importance of each is story-specific.

Anyway comments should happen over in Aliette's space, and also I have like three spoons today and I know where they need to go, so closing comments here.
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