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And it's live!

Stone Telling 5 is up! The first-anniversary issue, for Rose and Jenn's birthdays, no less :)
Hope you love it as much as we do!

Stone Telling 5 cover


On another zine topic, it's Strange Horizons Fund Drive time. There are prizes! And plenty of my flist is full of people talking about the squee. I want to go back to something a bit more serious.

You might remember that, earlier this year, SH was called on racefail. Both their response and csecooney's, here, were positive; they took responsibility, apologized for harm done, and committed to actively working on doing better in future. This is vanishingly rare. It's one of really very few good examples in the field for responding to being called out, and I think it says, more even than the lovely fiction and poetry and such, why Strange Horizons is really damn important for marginalized folks in this field.
And that's the biggest reason why I'll be donating again this year, and I urge everyone else to do so too.
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