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OMG moving creates long days. I am ded. So here's a list! (I still doubt I'll have spoons to reply to comments, but I am reading & appreciating any).

Signal boosty stuff:

- The marvellous Sofia Samatar, of Girl Hours and The Sand Diviner, has a novel coming out from Small Beer Press next year. EXCITEMENT! And! There's an ARC of that novel on offer at con_or_bust! (This is only half signal boost; it's also a note so I'll remember to bid on it :D)

- Sam Henderson will be editing the resurrected Inkscrawl, yay! And double yay for Stone Bird Press!

Today stuff:

- My dentist's x-rays are all electronic now, so I got to see my teef! They are weird lookin. So is dental bone. We even have said xrays by email, though they didn't send the REST of our records like we asked, argh flail.

- we got to see rachelmanija and sartorias today, which was lovely, though we missed the first half hour of hangout time, boo!, from a pharmacy taking an hour and a half to fill my necessary prescriptions.

- It's so much fun to geek out about cognitive science and cons and Sivaji all at the same time.

- The pharmacy's sloth aside, I am now prescriptioned into march, so even if it takes a while to set things up there, I'll be fine.

- The movers are coming between 9 and 11 tomorrow morning. Eek. But we are really truly almost ready for them. Though we still need to do ALL our own packing.

- There's no way I'm getting the painting done here, but I'll pack it carefully & finish it on the other end. And try not to get gold acrylic on, oh, my parents' rosewood table or anything like that...

- Situation with the car is complicated, but I think it's the last big thing whose disposal we have yet to sort out fully. Waiting on my brother on this one for now.

- The Aunty Network is in full force on the other end; it sounds like we'll be spoiled rotten in Aberdeen!

- you guys I'm going to be in Aberdeen in six days. WEIRD.

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