January 12th, 2009


Post the Nth: in which I ramble

Good morning, happy new year, etc. Happy birthday to folks I missed.  Lost the last month or two because of health or lack thereof, but I'm sort of back.

Fair warning: I'm feeling pretty self-indulgent and not entirely awake, so while the post technically has a point, it meanders and branches off into parentheticals, and its (non-)topics are related by tenuous ties at best.

What got me to post is the vague feeling that I ought to have something to say about aboutbenpeek's quaint take on gender, or statistics, or something. But really, what a depressing topic to come back to lj with, and I think the discussion on ktempest's journal says it all.  So I'll just tell you about a Noam Chomsky lecture the post reminds me of (linguistics, not politics, to the bemusement of 80% of the audience).  Chomsky used obfuscation rather than sarcasm, but the main technique was the same: distract 'em enough and most of 'em won't notice that your point is, at best, silly.

Chomsky took three hours to make an argument that boiled down to a false analogy built on a faulty premise.  He claimed that phsyics and chemistry seemed irreconcilable in the early part of the last century, and findings in chemistry redefined physics (which is, y'know, not actually true), therefore now when (his theory of) linguistics  seems irreconcilable with biology, it's because biology is wrong and will be redefined. Because linguistics is to biology as chemistry is to physics.  

...Yeah.  He also claimed in the question session that Stanford professor Eve Clark, or at least her research, does not exist.  But then I paid to sit through three hours of this, so who's the real crazy person here?

Anyway, I'm not posting about that. (Behold me not posting about it!) The thing I've been wanting to share as-soon-as-I-feel-better is a tiny moment when the world conspired to delight me.

elsmi and I were driving home a week ago, after the holidays. Well, he was driving and I was reading Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising out loud.

(Ob Dark is Rising parentheticals:
1) I think reading it out loud is a nice little winter tradition, though the seasonal aspect works better in places that, y'know, have winter. The mood's a bit ruined by palm tree silhouettes against red-gold sunset sea.
2) I am grudgingly glad of the upcoming movie's existence because we now have lovely new allergen-free editions of the whole series, and while I wouldn't call the cover art good this time round either, at least it's not done in a medium I work in, so my fingers aren't itching to fix it. Well.  I'm also glad because throwing money at authors I love is a good thing. But the movie itself -- No. Nonononono. Going right back to unquestioned privilege, turning Will Stanton American is if anything worse than turning Ged white. Just. Dammit. No.
3) In finding links for this post, I discovered the Susan Cooper book of essays, Dreams and Wishes, which I have vaguely wanted to reread for years and never  got around to looking up. Yay!)

And so we come, at long and rambling last, to my point. Insofar as I have a point.

I think Will had just been attacked in church by the Dark, when we glanced up -- to discover that we were passing a sign for Seaward Avenue.

That's all.

Poem in Goblin Fruit!

The winter '09 issue of Goblin Fruit is up! And I have a poem in it, how awesome is that? Even better, so does grayrose, so I get to be TOC buddies with her here and in the next issue of GUD magazine!

I'm also delighted and amazed because cucumberseed and asakiyume have both said lovely things about my poem. In fact it has taken me a while to post this because for a bit there they reduced me to this level of eloquence:

And the ever-wonderful elsmi has magically produced a microphone that I didn't know we had, so now I can record my Goblin Fruit poem so they can have an audio version. I should have done it way earlier, but was confused.

Organization (Friends' List, help!)

So I've totally lost track of my friends list.

If it's not too much trouble, I would really really appreciate it if the folks who have friended me who I don't definitely know (and this includes if I know you but may not recognize the user name) would say hi and introduce themselves a bit, because I am sure I have not friended people back as appropriate and I'm feeling pretty lost right now.

And I need to figure out how the internal organization of the list works, too, so that I'm not entirely swamped and bewildered. Help?

And you know, if other people want to say hi I always love hearing from friends.