January 21st, 2009


Hanging up my hat for a few days

Hate to do this when I'm in the middle of several conversations, but I'm very late on a paper, finally well enough to work on it, and likely to spend all of tomorrow on lj if I don't do something a bit drastic. And I am not allowed to go back to the novel till the paper's done (it's a fun paper, fun data, but I needed a stick for myself as well as a carrot).

So after tonight, I'm going to not be on lj for the next few days.

Would it be very rude of me to disable comments on my last few posts with an explanation? If there are comments, I shall go crazy thinking about them if I don't answer them. I could just turn off the email option, if it'd be rude/silencing to disable comments.

ETA: I've turned off email notification on the last few threads, because I don't feel up to keeping up with conversation there.  I haven't on the poem thread because I'm a total sucker for positive feedback and the paper is surely going to leave me wanting evidence that I might be doing something right.  (I ought to have had an easy time with the paper; I haven't.  Because of the health, I am having a very hard time even with analysis I could do as an undergrad.)