March 13th, 2009


(Wis)con or bust -- an auction helping Fen of Color get to Wiscon

ETA: Um, any suggestions on pricing?

I'm not going to get to Wiscon this year myself, but I think this is a splendid idea, and shall be posting candles for auction very soon.

For the first time, I'll be posting candles I already carved. I'm pretty proud of this batch, and hope people like them! But don't wait for my auction! What's already up on offer looks completely wonderful (and starting bids are temptingly low).

Here's my steampunk candle, one of my favourites (of the ones I'll be auctioning off):

What follows ought to be behind a cut.  I followed the instructions and all.  But I don't see a cut; could people please tell me what they see? Suddenly it works...

Collapse )