March 26th, 2009


Five cool things and a silly one make a post full! of exclamation marks

1) Shimmer issue 10 is out! And available as both an awsome print book and a free download! It contains my story, One for Sorrow. Here's what I can currently say about the issue: final proofreading took me a long time, though I only changed one comma -- 'cause I couldn't stop reading the other stories.

So this is so very shiny.

ETA: The issue also has a long interview with Cory Doctorow, which makes it even more apropos that it's available for free!

2) I just did final proofreads of Daya and Dharma, which will be in GUD Issue four. And! rose_lemberg has a wonderful poem in Issue 4, and kaolinfire put up a teaser of Issue 4's art that is to drool over -- and if you look up at the top you'll see a sheep by Ursula Vernon. While this is only one of many things I love in the teaser, I have to jump up and down about it because I am a total Ursula fangirl and OMG I'm going to be table of contents buddies with her!

I think I'm forgetting some of the awesome around GUD Issue 4, because there is just so much of it.

3) Speaking of of Ursula Vernon, her comic, Digger, which claims to be made out of pixels but in fact is made out of pure awesome, is now available for free in its entirety! First page is here. You will see why I like it a whole lot right from page 1, but page 5 is where you'll start to see why I adore it.

I have a lot of beloved webcomics, but Digger is one of my Top Five, along with
- Girl Genius, in which "Sparks flying" would mean... something quite different. Possibly related to the falling machine.
- Gunnerkrigg Court, which gets Coyote right. (And where my icon comes from, so you know it's adorable).
- Skin Horse (admittedly, this should really read "whatever is cooking in Shaennon Garrity's insane and delightful mind just now", but the current answer is Skin Horse)
- xkcd, which is, well, um... it's xkcd.

4) I signed and mailed (well, okay, elsmi mailed) my contract for Wiscon Chronicles vol 3 to L. Timmel Duchamp yesterday. I wrote a response to her GoH speech at last year's Wiscon -- a speech that blew my mind open and rearranged it and made so many things make sense -- and I'm so very glad I got to think and talk about why it meant so much to me. And! My responses go with shveta_thakrar's and rose_lemberg's! So very many thanks to badgerbag for making this (or at least my little part of it, I am clueless about the rest) happen.

5) I now have:
- Zahrah the Windseeker
- Lifelode
- My very first copy of Star*Line (which contains a poem by rose_lemberg!), since I finally got my act together and joined SFPA :)
- Two wonderful manuscripts which I'm not sure I get to be specific about, though both make me go squeee!
- and a brain that is very nearly back to being able to comprehend long-form narrative I'm not writing.

6) And the silly one -- I got asked where I get my ideas today. Hee! Trying not to sputter made me feel like a real writer.