March 30th, 2009


What pixies do to painters

This is elisem 's fault.
And the piece isn't even finished, apparently (though it looks finished to me)! Oh well :)

What pixies do to painters?
Well, it's worse than you'd surmise --
first we switch around the labels
on your precious, store-bought dyes

So your Coeruleum Blue turns into
powdered scale of snake,
and we substitute some fairy dust
for dull old Madder Lake.

We might joggle your poor elbow
when you want a simple line,
so your steady, careful fence comes out
as straight as tangled twine

Or we may bespell your brushes
so they spiral, swoop, and slink
and you wonder in the morning
what was in your evening drink.

And we shift the world around you,
little changes, seldom cruel;
but the rock you thought to paint
could be a marbled agate jewel

So we turn your earnest labor
to a weird, unsettled art --

What pixies do to critics?
that's the really funny part.
angry, racism

Can we say, Earthsea TV series all over again?

hanks to sartorias for the heads-up --

So probably almost everyone knows this before me, but if anyone still doesn't, the Emmy-winning animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender came up during the RaceFail debates as an example of an actual multicultural world with multicultural cast. There's a movie being made.

How bad is the casting? Well! Visuals here.


The aang_aint_white community is a hub, apparently and has suggestions for what one can do. As well as that amazing photo essay.

In other news (but not really, since this sort of shit is exactly why PoC need to be more visible in literature & entertainment in general) my candle auctions for con_or_bust end in 2 hours 26 hours (got the date wrong!). Gears is at $27, and Literature Dragon is only at $22. Plenty of other auctions are ending within the next day. Do go peek!