July 1st, 2009



I'm currently reading over the galleys for Pishaach. Excitement!

It looks like part of a book. With the fonts and, and... yes, yes, I know it is part of a book, but this is still strange and new and wonderful.

Of course, the excitement and delight are tinged with writerly neurosis. As follows:

1) I'm finding absolutely nothing wrong with this copy, and while I know that just means it's a lovely clean galley (set of galleys? I don't even know the syntax of galleys, I'm so new to them), I still wish I had found a missing period or something. Because that would mean I wasn't missing errors.

Well... actually, no it wouldn't, but it would comfort my neuroses. Because of course if I can't find anything wrong I must be missing something!

ETA: Found a couple of typos! I feel much better now.

2) I keep wanting to fiddle with my phrasing, because a) I wrote this story in late '06 and edited it in late '07, and have grown as a writer since, and b) nothing drives me quite as crazy as the notion that I cannot change it any more. Especially given the amazing and somewhat daunting company I'll be in in this anthology.

But mostly --