July 6th, 2009


Sale to Realms of Fantasy, and two contracts just received!

I've been sitting on this news for a bit now -- but I see that it's out!

Sultana Lena's Gift has been accepted for publication by Realms of Fantasy*, making it Doug's first slush survivor to be bought by the new RoF :)

Sultana Lena's Gift features some of the same characters as my story in Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle issue, The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar. It's set a little earlier, and based on an actual historical incident (except that the historical incident had a sad lack of solar-powered mechanical soldiers).

I am, of course, thrilled :)

And I just got both the RoF contract and my Strange Horizons contract for Charms, which is a truly lovely way to procrastinate on the diss. YAY!

ETA: Wow, thank you all so much! It's a lovely feeling to wander off into dissertation land and come back to so many kind thoughts. *feels warm fuzzies and shares them round*

* This does not mean RoF is open for subs -- they're not.
For context about where things are at -- I submitted this story in September, and it was on Shawna's desk when the magazine went down. While (as I understand it) Doug is totally done with the pre-closing slush backlog, Shawna's not; there are still later slush survivors on her desk.