July 12th, 2009


Three edibles.

1) Goblin Fruit's summer issue is up! Yummy :)

Two poems from me, and I'm experiencing serious squee about seeing Jane Yolen in the same table of contents. (Why yes, I am a fangirl.)

Looks like the editors are still fiddling with format, but the poems are all up.

2) Yay to tithenai, whose Song for an Ancient City won this year's Rhysling Award for short poem! And I could get drunk on this poem.
It starts:
Merchant, keep your attar of roses,
your ambers, your oud,
your myrrh and sandalwood. I need
nothing but this dust
palmed in my hand’s cup
like a coin, like a mustard seed,
like a rusted key.

This isn't the only poem I love and voted for that placed (yay!), but it's the one that resonates most personally for me.

3) elsmi, emily_jiang, and I had an Adventure today. It involved edibles of two different sorts, one of them incr-. Also in-.

Background: emily_jiang is visiting us; the plan was to hang out at kirizal and voidmonster's place and have a mini writing-retreat. But then emily_jiang and I decided to bake! For the Clarion '09ers! Because we figured by the end of week two they'd be in need of food that does not suck. And because we could make lots of goodies and have some for our retreat. So we baked a, um, lot (plates of cookies, oatmeal bars, vegan cupcakes, two veggie pot pies, truly scary amounts of cornish pasties, home-made chai candy).

We also talked elsmi into it too (olive bread, cheese bread, two types of rye).

elsmi also made pizza dough, which (the clever plan was) would rise in the car while we drove up to kirizal and voidmonster's.

We saw the Clarionites and continued north, and were about fifteen minutes from our goal when the car started a juddering thudthudthudthudthud. elsmi saw a white cloud spreading behind the car, through the rear view mirror. He pulled to the side. Multicolored lint snowed gently down around us, bringing the scent of burnt cotton. Something bright and was wrapped around the axle.

So there we were, cooking gently in the car-oven waiting for a tow truck, with our baked stuff wilting in the cooler. We called plaintively for help, and kirizal and voidmonster came to pick up the edibles.

At which point we discovered the exploded pizza dough all over the back of the car. Happy happy yeast attempting to eat our suitcases.

The thing around the axle? Turns out to have been an Incredibles towel.

Which was indeed, as I had discovered by inhaling bits of burned fluff, inedible.