July 25th, 2009


More thoughts on poetry v. prose (a response to all the thinky thoughts)

I'm pleased and grateful that people disagree with my earlier post, because it's interesting! And because it's been getting me to really think about what I'm saying. Current follow-up thoughts are mostly to hooks_and_books' great post here, but also to the several people who brought up verse. And to other thoughts, though it's all a little free-floaty now.

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Question for speculative poets

ETA3: There's a more general-people and I think more lively discussion of this question going on here.  I should have posted this question to spec_poetry  myself :)

...I should have known about spec_poetry !  *clueless*

Anyway, not closing dialogue down here or anything, but I suspect it's better to keep the conversation there rather than here on "my territory"...

sa_kelly has a response to seajules' critique of Star*Line here. Now, he's a friend of mine, but I strongly disagree with his position, on basically everything.

(ETA: After being told I was wearing nappies when he first joined SFPA, which is neither accurate nor containing any hint of the respect one ought to accord friends, I can no longer claim Scott for even a very misguided friend.)

But I'd like to pull out this part of his post:
Star*Line is and should remain a science and science fiction poetry magazine, if for no other reason than to respect its founder. Same for the SFPA

If somebody wants to go start the mythic and folkloric-based poetry and horror poetry association (MAFBPAHPA), go for it. Don't try to remake SFPA, or Star*Line, into something that it is not, nor was ever intended to be.

And this in comments:
I want to make one thing sure above all others. I do not speak for the SFPA. That said, I believe that the SFPA should stand for what the SFPA founder intended. People who would like to move in some other direction should do so, rather than co-opt an artistic movement in-progress.

Science and Science Fiction poetry is a legitimate artistic movement, thanks to the efforts of a lot of people whom I have already named.

If you would like an artistic movement of your own, do the hard work.

Now... While Scott doesn't speak for the SFPA (and is apparently not currently a member, though he's fixing that), he certainly speaks for an opinion within the SFPA, which is that the SF people are and should be privileged within it. I'd very much like to know whether this is a majority opinion. If it is, I have no place in SFPA. If it's not, I think it means the organization really needs a name change to reflect the change in goals, or else the fantasy poets among us are always going to be second-class citizens. I realize lj is not representative (and will post a link in the yahoo group) but -- meanwhile, spec poets, do you agree with him?

ETA2: As pointed out by both ravenelectrick  and time_shark  on this thread, the SFPA has never been as exclusionary as sa_kelly  assumes; the privileging of SF seen here is caused by the name, not by the intent of the organizatoin.