July 27th, 2009


Yay and maybe a poem!

1) Got to meet seajules today, which was marvellous! Lots of fun conversation. My friends are awesome; I feel so lucky that I get to know such cool people. That's the yay :)

2) This is sort of a response to the discussion with hooks_and_books and others, and it's certainly pushing at and challenging the boundaries that hooks_and_books claims. But it's not a direct response, it's just what my brain gives me if I spend a few days thinking about form and categories and what makes a poem a poem.

Against purity of form

If form defines all categories' pull, why, mermaids then are basically fish. The minotaur's a crotchety old bull; Nagraj a snake, the fey a wistful wish. And androids, well -- no matter what they dream, their form's like ours. And that's what matters most. So now we know, we'll find another meme and tell pure tales to speculation's ghost.

But 'ware of tricksters -- every time you draw a line they'll piss on it it out behind your back; they'll challenge everything you state as law for kicks (and 'cause mere human rules mean jack).

And if the time has come to pick a side, this naga's with Coyote, grinning wide.

(Still fiddling; nitpick changes in purple.)