July 28th, 2009


An open letter from the Carl Brandon Society

The CBS, as the official group for the visibility of people of color in the Speculative Fiction community, and the group administering the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship has posted an open letter to the SF community.

The letter's short and sweet. It is not addressed to Harlan Ellison, as ktempest accepted his apology, but rather to all of us; and it addresses about some of the misconceptions and appalling lack of self-awareness that we've seen lately in people who honestly think their behavior is okay.

To quote the letter, ... since the problematic post was made in public and thus was published in full view of the SF community, the Carl Brandon Society wishes to define some basic principles of discourse which were put into question as a result of this exchange.

Do please go read it, and sign it if you agree. They're good principles. There are three of them. They make a lot of sense to me.

Instead of a blog against racism -- a post for poets of color.

rachel_swirsky pointed out to me that Cavan Kerry Press is looking for book-length collections of poetry (or possibly short fiction) from writers of color.

Cavan Kerry is a small press looking for either new voices (previously-unpublished collections) or work about dealing with serious physical or psychological illness. I'm also not clear on whether the new voices have to deal with serious physical or psychological illness; submission guidelines are a bit obscure. I'm sure people can puzzle it out better than me just now.

One note is that while they look legit, They do chargea $20 reading fee.

Not blogging against racism this week because there's just too much, and I'm nowhere near well enough to sustain the energy needed, and if I start thinking about it while my health's like this I'll just cry and make myself sicker. And because lots of people with more brain than I currently have are saying smart things.