July 30th, 2009


Two more! things about the SFPA

First the serious one: apart from reminding us that everyone should focus on writing poetry that doesn't embarass itself, yuki_onna has a number of excellent things to say about the name debate of the SFPA (Which, like all surface-silly debtes isn't really about names, it's about whether those pesky new people are actually welcome.)

The second, even MOAR SRS one, is that I hereby move to rename the organization STANZA: Speculative Text Art Ninja Zombie Apocalypse. Or possibly Speculative Text Art: No Zombies Allowed.

(This second part came up in conversation with elsmi, seajules, kirizal, and voidmonster. I don't remember who suggested which bit now, which means I get to take all the credit everyone else missed out on a great deal of fun, cause they are cool.)