August 8th, 2009


Two updates on my artificer bird! (And a little one on me)

So, I've written three stories about this character and sold two of them -- and I have updates on both this week!

First thing is that I got galleys from Shimmer for my Clockwork Jungle story, The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, which started my obsession with this bird. Several things from this:

-The TOC has my story right before mrissa's! And scriitor's story (the one I illustrated) right after hers! So M'ris, we have you surrounded. That gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of being with friends right there.

-My Clarion classmate astrobolism has the last story. Wow! Kudos to Caleb; it must be a resoundingly awesome story to get that slot. And -- I think he's the first of us to get a bookending position in an anthology. First! *pops balloons, throws champagne, floats confetti*

-The cover is of course wonderful :)

-I am not the only woman who steampunked-up her authorpic, as I feared at first, so I am not a totally lonely dorkgirl. And tithenai's author pic is squee-inducingly wonderful.

- And! My story with the pretty-script pull quote and all really truly exists! (Galleys are exciting that way). Now I need to proofread it.

And! douglascohen just let me know who he's picked for the illustration to Sultana Lena's Gift, which will be coming out in Realms of Fantasy -- and she's an artist I already know and am a total fangirl of -- Stephanie Pui-mun Law!

I could point out how she can combine some of my favourite things about Charles Vess and Tom Canty in a manner all her own, or note her strikingly beautiful sense of otherworldliness or her seamless blending of art styles Eastern and Western. I could even point out a previous RoF painting by her that illustrated a Tanith Lee story (andhasagorgeoussnake). How cool is that?

Or I could go on about the control of color and transparency and her wonderful use of paint's contrary nature (apparent in those four pieces; why yes, I did pick them for multiple reasons). And, y'know, all of these things are true. But there's lots of fantasy art, much of it is lovely, and I normally go "ooh pretty" and move on. "OMG Iamyourfangirl" requires more, and in this case I think it's the composition. (I think the examples above show that too.) Something about how this artist arranges her forms on the page goes waaaaaay beyond pretty into mesmerizing. And -- it is something that I as an artist have terrible trouble with, so of course I have a total fangirlcrush on people who make it look easy.

All of which is a long form of OMG OMG squeeee!

And now to the personal update -- I seem to have figured out what was trying to shut my lungs down the last week or so, and was actually well enough to get downstairs today (yes, that was an accomplishment). And! Swim a little. This makes me so happy! I feel almost human today. Also the real world turns out to be impressively high-res.

The computer, unfortunately, is the victim of another Shweta-disaster-with-liquids, and has a kludge in place of a space bar and an enter key, which is workable but not to my wrists' liking. elsmi ordered another keyboard a few days ago, so all may yet be very well, but I'm currently keeping most computery communication on the shortish side.