August 12th, 2009


Triumph XVIII: Maya; poem-with-art

Clicky on the picture for a hyooge version.

The text-only version of this sonnet was published in Coyote Wild in February '08. I guess this is a reprint, of sorts. It's starting to approach the level of interstitiality it's been in my head (though if my brain insists that I draw all the other ones too, my dissertation may need to have a stern word with it.)

PS. and if you get to the end it becomes pretty obvious where this lj's title comes from.

PPS. This was influenced by rose_lemberg's Self-portrait With Two Souls.

ETA: I've been asked about printing it, so would like to note that the hyooge version is big enough to print at about 3-and-a-bit inches wide and five inches tall at 320 dpi. I think that's about the right size for it, and anyone is welcome to print it; if you need color balance tweaking or a larger image let me know. I'd appreciate attribution -- and, if you are so inclined, a couple dollars to verb_noire or Strange Horizons.)