August 19th, 2009


Waiter, there's white copy paper in my lettuce

But really, yay!

I was worried, after the Eclipse 1 cover with no women named on it and the gender imbalance of the Eclipse 2 TOC, but The Eclipse 3 cover and TOC look really damn good to me. Huge kudos to Jonathan Strahan for listening to people last year.

(Via 14theditch (Jeff Ford), who has a sword and sorcery piece in it. Which sounds fun and... from him, wonderfully strange. I am intrigued.)

Here's the TOC:

* The Pelican Bar, Karen Joy Fowler
* Lotion, Ellen Klages
* Don’t Mention Madagascar, Pat Cadigan
* On the Road, Nnedi Okorafor
* Swell, Elizabeth Bear
* Useless Things, Maureen F. McHugh
* The Coral Heart, Jeffrey Ford
* It Takes Two, Nicola Griffith
* Sleight of Hand, Peter S. Beagle
* The Pretender’s Tourney, Daniel Abraham
* Yes We Have No Bananas, Paul Di Filippo
* Mesopotamian Fire, Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple
* The Visited Man, Molly Gloss
* Galápagos, Caitlín R. Kiernan
* Dolce Domum, Ellen Kushner

I love it. It's full of yummy potatoes and glorious corn!   ...But there seems to be a piece of paper in among the lettuce

Oh well. I'm sure the rest will be delicious, and I look forward to getting the book. 

Would've been good to see a few more POC in there, though, wouldn't it?  I'm glad to see even one I recognize for sure, but does that just say something about my low expectations?

*This* is why we can't all get along.

I do truly love speculative poetry, I love its diversity of voices, and I would very much like to be part of an organization in which it's possible to disagree passionately, with mutual respect. This is not what I am currently part of. (I have a great deal of respect for the officers and several long-term members of the SFPA, which makes me wish even more that this were not true.) There's a general atmosphere on SFPAnet where a small group of older men (who seem to be framing themselves as heroes defending poor beleagured skiffy from the supposed rising wave of fantasists) get to bully, dismiss, and refuse to engage positively with any uppity woman who objects.

We know what this sort of atmosphere leads to, right? Right.

So nobody's going to be surprised at this: speceditor666 (aka Stephen M. Wilson, one of the people whose asshattery helped convince me to leave SFPAnet) has posted in spec_poetry, where he proceeds to make sexually harrassing comments* at seajules, claim it was "funny", and protest that that she's creating drama while he just wants a truce.

So, that's a) offer of sexualized assault or desire thereof, b) "it was a joke", and c) "bitch had it coming" all in the same few posts. And he wants to know why Jules can't just listen to dkolodji when she wants us all to get along.

I guess it's bingo card time again.

Collapse )

And I don't think it'll be possible to have an organization in which it's possible to disagree passionately, with mutual respect, until it is made entirely clear to the perpetrators that this sort of behavior (and the atmosphere that encourages it) is Not Okay. Until then, calls to "get along" are simply not going to work.

Note: I refuse to be afraid of this abusive behavior. Therefore I'm not locking this entry. However, I am screening comments by non-friends, because I see no reason to allow the abuse to spill over into my space.

* Yeah, I know he was nasty to me too in that post, but that stops as "misrepresentation", so right now it is totally irrelevant and can probably be attributed to poor reading comprehension. I'd rather not derail onto that, if possible.