August 20th, 2009


I have awesome stuff to post about!

...But today at dinner, three charming specimens of humanity decided that being asked politely to move ten feet while smoking, in order not to kill the asthmatic, was an unacceptable infringement on their inalienable right to break state law. (Far as I understand, they were nowhere near far enough from doorways.)
[ETA: They were outside, just with their smoke blowing right into the restaurant. Which just adds to my bogglement, because there is no way moving a bit would have inconvenienced them.]

I do hope they all discover that karma's a bitch, and have plenty of opportunity to regret their ablism.

And maybe tomorrow I shall be able to post. More likely, the day after; this sort of thing always costs me at least a day. In the meantime, please don't expect coherent content or timely responses to... anything. *sigh*