September 11th, 2009


Followup on FFO

Jake at FFO got me to:

1) Donate to PFLAG (to the value of one membership, since we can't really afford a second; don't remember if that membership is me or elsmi.
2) Finally get off my ass & join The Outer Alliance
3) Find some cool people making great posts through it.
4) By his disingenuous and whiny response (check out the final paragraphs added to the regarding content part of FFO's guidelines) solidified my total lack of desire ever to submit to FFO again or, really to read them ever again.

To wind that up, I want to link to four posts I think are awesome (I haven't read 'em all so this is not really a best-of list, it's just personal faves from what I read):

1) I like Josh Jasper's short 'n sweet response.
2) sandykidd discusses comparing mammals to malaria, with much all-round awesomeness.
3) As well as posting about FFO's queer-unfriendliness, tacithydra has taken on the impressive task of putting together a linky list of posts about this. Hats off; there are a lot!
4) Brandon Bell has a summary/wrap-up that discusses the problems with Jake Freivald's response to all this. (The post starts with a brief call for donations).

More things I like

1) kehrli's creepy story in Apex. I just read it by accident -- it was supposed to be my cookie for getting work done today, but I tabbed over to it and couldn't stop reading.

2) This blog post, which epitomizes the word "pwnage" (did I spell that right?). Via a locked post, and just too awesome not to share.

3) BRAINS. Or at least, anatomically correct brain cake with EEG grid*reference markers for intracortical recording (or stimulation or ultimately surgery). It's old, but I can't stop loving it.

3b) Actually having a brain, or at least being able to fake it.

* elsmi corrects in comments. I just thought it was a bad EEG grid.