September 13th, 2009


Another link

howl_at_the_sun pointed me at a post called The Mean People Upstairs. Posting here because it is a really interesting post, and resonated for me in some ways. Posting now, without further comment, because I have a response to it -- but I am so not up to writing that response today.

So, don't want to lose the post in the brainfog by the time I'm up to it.

Basically I've been working out something about bad/inaccurate framings of conversations that can happen when someone who isn't normally in a relevant privilege group suddenly is; I think the mis-framings I've been working out would lead naturally to the Mean Person Upstairs if that someone has been abused. Which is to say, I wonder if there's a generalization to be drawn between the experience in the linked post and an experience I had/situation I caused a bit ago.

Disabling comments because I'm working up my courage to make this post and comments will likely scare me off :)