September 25th, 2009



Not that I'm really back, but since I'm sputtering anyway: Calling a magazine "low-level" after it rejects you is probably not the smartest move anyone could ever make.
Via charlesatan.

In way nicer news, my clarion classmates karinotvery, astrobolism, redcrowkater, and Ramsey Shehadeh are in Last Drink Bird Head along with a bunch of other awesome people :)

And astrobolism's Court Scranto is in the most recent issue of Weird Tales! It is a weird (of course) and wonderful story, and reading it at 2am or so was an important part of my Clarion Experience. (So you too can share in the Clarion Experience! By buying Weird Tales & reading it at 2am.)

And... oof, yep, there goes the breathing again. Suddenly, going to everyone's lj and congratumalating is Duanting As Hell, as is checking the contributor list for other friends, even though I know it's actually no work at all. So, I'll say it here! Congratulations! You guys rock! Sorry for teh suck, working on not doing that so much.