September 30th, 2009


I may be editing a story... the last moment. And it might maybe have something to do with a certain historical figure.

(05:51:53 PM) Shweta: also, alexandros conquered sort of a lot.
just sayin'.
(05:52:20 PM) kirizal: That's why they don't call him Alexander the Just Kinda Okay.
(05:52:41 PM) Shweta: Or even Alexander the Pretty Cool
(05:53:11 PM) elsmi: Alexander the Relatively Effective, Given Circumstances
(05:53:30 PM) kirizal: If awesome didn't mean awful back then, you KNOW he'd be Alexander the Awesome.
(05:53:57 PM) Shweta: yes :)
(05:54:24 PM) Shweta: also if English existed

ETA: Though "given circumstances" makes me wonder what he could have done with airships.

(06:34:15 PM) Shweta: Alexander the Great takes over ALL EURASIA with airships.
(06:34:27 PM) kirizal: YES
(06:35:46 PM) Shweta: 1000 years later you have a splintered Macedonian empire all over these land masses (Why [didn't he get] Africa [Egypt aside]? Oh of course. The Rocs and firebirds don't like airships.)