October 6th, 2009


Emo pomegranate

I am a wet rag today, exhausted by reading my f-list, eying Lifelode, which I have been saving for a day like this, but far too tired to read. That is my only excuse for this poem :)
(And I hear lj is for emo stuff...)

I eat the white stunted pomegranate pips
that lurk, undernourished
between gem-bright siblings

I cannot throw them out
they are so much
like me


In happier news, Walt whitman totally looks like Odin.


ETA: There is now a new lj icon for anyone to use at will:

Blame amazon_syren.

Also, here's the bigger version I worked on.

Thoughts about Lifelode

So I started reading papersky's Lifelode, and I have three definite thoughts after the first three chapters (which is as far as I've gotten so please don't spoiler in comments!):

1) YUM. This is entirely delicious in every way and I want to savor it. It is a lovely happymaking book to read when ill and out of sorts.

2) But perhaps not when ill enough to get utterly confused by non-linearity and time not behaving itself. The book is entirely up front about this, mind:

Time, she knows, is an illusion. Things seem to happen one after another, but when you look back they all happened at once and what seemed at the time to be part of one story was part of another, as with the wooden puzzles Tydsey loves as a nine-year-old, where a piece that seemed like part of the sky is turned around and becomes half a boat and an old man's hand.

And it's lovely, and even typing that was a joy, but one needs a brain to read it. I think three chapters is all mine can take just now, even though I want more.

3) Why is the place called Applekirk if there are no churches?