October 9th, 2009


And now for something a little more disturbing.

I don't believe I posted these here, though I did over on tithenai's lj. (It's her photograph).

So, since people seem to have liked the emogranate, and in honor of Goblin Fruit (the next issue of which will not go up today but will as soon as the Goblin Queens can manage it), I present Amal's Goblin Vegetables:

Also, since those are sort of cute, I'll earn my "disturbing" tag. Check out Warren Ellis' post about the average age and gender split for the "Big 3" mags. (But warning: gender identity sensitivity Fail in the comments).

Asimov's and Analog stats: Average age of readers: 59. Gender split: Male 63% Female 21%

F&SF does relatively better on those, with average age: 40 and 32% female. But only 11K subscribers to the Analog/Asimov's 19K.

Those are... not good numbers.