October 11th, 2009


state of the writing

I haven't been posting much about writing, because when health allows me to write I'm not spending that bit of time on lj. So normally when I post, I'm trying not to dwell on not being up to writing.

But today, I am reminded that life is short, and feeling grotty is no good reason to waste it.
So, taking seajules as inspiration again, I'm putting up an accounting post:

Things out: 8
Poetry: 6 (including two just sent into the GF/MD crossover vortex)
Short fiction: 2

Things to finish: 2
Both short fiction
(The novel being on pause till the diss is done. The diss needs to be finished too, but is out of frame here.)

Things to start: 1
Short fiction

So, so, I am not up to writing, perhaps, but surely I'm up to reading some of the things I need to have read to finish these stories. So off I go to read fairy tales & folklore from India and from Ecuador.
angry, racism

I would not like John Ottinger III to shut up

ETA2: Two important notes:
1. johnottinger has apologized in comments here as well as on his blog. While I agree that one does not always get a cookie, I'd like to point this out as an apology that is clear and sincere in tone, without any of the hedges we've seen too often in this sort of discussion.
2. Since he also deleted his original post, I've linked to a cached page for context. It won't last long, but it ought to last as long as anyone's interest in my post, and while I am for keeping records I don't feel comfortable mirroring something the poster has chosen to delete and apologize for.

But he would like me to shut up. And an awful lot of people on my f-list too. (Via charlesatan).

It's not just that he disagrees with us about the importance of non-privilege groups being represented in anthologies, mind -- it's that he would like us to STFU and stop harshing his squee. And apparently he is secure enough in his entitlement to believe that telling us to do so will be successful; thus the brilliant and subtle title of his essay: "For Those Who Cry Sexism or Racism in SF Anthologies, Shut Up."

In explaining why we should STFU like good little subhumans, John Ottinger III hits some points that we've Never Ever Thought Of Before because we are not as smart as him. Like:

Collapse )

Right. Aren't we all glad that John Ottinger III has set us straight before that happened?

On a more serious note, I'm very glad indeed that John Ottinger III has spoken up, and would hate for him and people like him to shut up or to be made to shut up, because I now know exactly where he stands.

And, if I've repeated his name often enough, so do you.

ETA: I've posted about John Ottinger III because of the mentality rather than the individual, but sometimes the individual matters too. On which note, it's worth noting that the first response, wholeheartedly agreeing with what he says, comes from one Barbara Friend Ish of Mercury Retrograde Press.