October 14th, 2009


Update on the Ottinger discussion

For anyone who missed it -- after my previous post, John Ottinger III apologized, both on his blog and in comments here.

Where I stand now: I am impressed with the sincerity of his reply, and with the fact that he's not making excuses, and I hope he'll continue to follow these conversations and (hopefully) find new and interesting authors to review. I do find it regrettable that he chose to delete his original post, and I don't agree with that decision, but I'm for what makes people comfortable in their own space so long as it's not hurting others, and I don't count this inconvenience as hurt.

The disagreement also inspired a great essay from Lavie Tidhar. It links back to a number of others, so I'm being lazy and only linking to it.

I do want to quote this bit (actually I want to put it on billboards! in NEON!):

Background, culture, identity: they are not incidental to a story, they are the heart of it.

Now, there's a sentence I wish I'd written.

Good things come in threes

1) OMG World Fantasy is in just two weeks?? How did that happen? Many thanks to sdn for making me realize it's already mid-october.

Sooooo who's going to be there? Do please tell me even if you told me before, if it's not too much of a bother. I have unfortunate memory holes and would hate for them to cause me to miss friends and other cool people.

*runs around like a rather happy kip zonder kop*
(That's: chicken without a head, but the Dutch phrase is just so much better than the English one.)

2) Goblin Fruit is up! And what a harvest this Autumn. 26 poems, including one by yrs truly.
And! cucumberseed, rose_lemberg, hooks_and_books. sovay, stillnotbored, and time_shark.

Might I particularly draw your attention to Godfather Death by rose_lemberg? Because I love this poem with so much love and have been looking forward to other people getting to share it.

Did I mention, so much love?

3) And I'm one of the people discussing how background/environment influences our writing" over on the World SF News blog. Answering the same question aliettedb, Vandana Singh, and others answered last week.

Truth told, I've yet to read everyone's answer this week because I'm still sort of anxious/embarrassed about my own (apparently I get stage fright after it's too late. Yay.) but once I've gotten over that I'm very much looking forward to them.

On a more ambivalent note, this would be four good things if I counted my muscles quitting their latest imitation of rocks (which happens every time I have a cold & coughing fits, often for weeks afterwards) but since they now feel free to tell me they hurt it's a mixed blessing.

I bring this up 'cause it means I won't be replying in a very timely or in-depth manner. (And if I am, I shouldn't be.)