November 1st, 2009


Quick status update

I shall not be at WFC today. I was really looking forward to upstart_crow's reading, among other things, but right now sitting up in bed is about my speed.

I'm still hoping to pull self together enough to see deliasherman, though. Current status: I could do it, so long as I don't go into the hotel & risk con smoke, but I'd pay dearly for talking/laughing. I'm going to see whether more water, caffeine, and xopenex change that.

I had a poem starting up in my brain during the con, but lost it in entirety thanks to the corridor smokers. A casualty, I guess, but better it than me.

Thank you all for the good thoughts. Am much better than I was yesterday. Current peak flow, which is my best non-hospital health measure, is 360 l/min, which is well above worry and into meh. (Good for me is 400-440 and healthy average for my age & size is 480 or so, which means I am up to 90% of my good and 75% of healthy average.)

But there are still effects of the previous bad, so this is me now, and I didn't even have any alcohol: