November 4th, 2009


Another quick update

Am recovering. Slowly. Sort of scared about the resounding silence from the story part of my brain.

Am partly taking care of myself by being ruthless about computer time, which is draining/tiring just now. I very much appreciate people's good thoughts in comments to my last post, but I'm not up to replying yet, much less following my f-list, so I'm going to disable comments on this one (and please don't assume I know something cause it was posted online).

I heard at WFC that Ashok Banker has unkind and rather silly things to say about me. That's nice for him, I guess, but I have no energy to spend on online kerfluffles just now. As far as botheration currently goes, Mr Banker rates about a 2 and the latest reactionary strike against equality, and actual lives being hurt, a 95.

Also, I just used up my computer time for now by sending two more poems out, including my first one from the group poetry reading on friday, so me out now :)