November 19th, 2009


Art advice?

(ETA: You don't have to be an art person to answer the questions! I just wanna know what people think :) )

(ETA2: Consensus is that I'll be keeping it sepia, and working some more especially around his eyes to sharpen/define them, but on another layer so as not to lose what I have at present. Thank you all!)

So I'm drawing the nephew (from a photograph my brother took), partly 'cause he's fun and partly 'cause I want to give brother & SIL the picture.

Here's how the picture currently looks (This is only the major areas of light & dark; he's even cuter than this):

So, questions!

1) Should I keep with this sort of soft focus image, or should at least some of it be sharper?

2) Sepia tone good? Or should I make it greyscale, or should I be doing it colored?