December 8th, 2009


note to rl friends

(I don't mean just in-person by rl, and I'm hoping you all know what I mean)

If I've missed your birthday or am not responding to your wish list or your posts or something, please know that it's not because I don't care, it's because I have had probably the worst health year of my life (including the last year of school, where I missed 70+ full days and more half days, which had the record before this year.) And I am exhausted, all the time, and it's just too much. And I cannot afford to get chained respiratory bugs for 6 months, again, and the drips and dribbles of energy are all going into the diss now, and I'm still having trouble with 300 words/day.

And that means I simply cannot manage to give anyone more than hugs this holiday, because the organization part is beyond me, and I'm going to stop reading my f-list now unless someone points me at a post, because I'm getting really stressed by the fact that people I care about are asking for things and I am unable to deal.

And if I get better I'm going to offer things, but, for Clarion, and I'm hoping you'll all forgive me; I've been meaning and trying to get the spoons to do that since July.

That's all.

ETA: Maybe that's not all; none of this lessens the really cool stuff, it just leaves me without the energy to really maintain excitement or whatever.