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09 January 2010 @ 06:28 pm
So I've been meaning to post this for a bit, but impostor syndrome lack of spoons mumble.

Guidelines for nominations, gacked from dkolodji :

Rhysling nominations can be mailed or e-mailed beginning on January 1st. The deadline is February 15th. You must be a member of the SFPA to nominate and only poems first published in the year 2009 are eligible. You may not nominate yourself. You may nominate one short poem (1-49 lines) and one long poem (50+ lines) but are not required to make a nomination in both categories.

Here's a list of my eligible poems (all short, though with Apsara it's a near thing):

Triumph XII: Tapah, Goblin Fruit, Fall 2009 issue
Apsara, Goblin Fruit, Summer 2009 issue
Displaced, Goblin Fruit, Summer 2009 issue
The bears are working, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2009 issue

Yeah, not so many.  Thought I had more, somehow :)  I guess because I have been writing more poetry lately?

Current Mood: tiredtired