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10 January 2010 @ 03:50 pm
The issue guest-edited by time_shark is up, and it looks terrifyingwonderful!

It has a sweet little poem by me:  Recipe for a Year of Spring 
And!  poems by seajules , rachelmanija , ajodasso , sovay , ankh_hpl , and a bunch of other cool people!

ETA: And lnhammer!  I am bad with lj name-real name correspondences, and hope I haven't missed anyone else I know or fangirl at...

I'm... a little scared to read this issue.  The red on black is so different from the quiet creepy I associate with GF that it's actually making me a little shaky :)
This issue is so going to give me nightmares.  Come share them with me?
Current Mood: chipperhappily terrified