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Since I'm procrastinating on my diss (a grand old academic tradition) and since I'm trying to work some of the obfuscation out of my latest story-attempt, I thought I'd share my experience of one of the more, uh, memorable talks I've been to.  (Gacked, in part, from comments I made on truepenny 's lj).

Y'see, being a linguist, even a Berkeley linguist, I figured I ought to hear Noam Chomsky talk at least the once.  And goodness, was it a once.  Now, I cringe when anyone says, "Oh, you're a linguist, you must like Noam Chomsky," and this talk is part of why.

First, it was three hours long and not even cut for length...Collapse )
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12 January 2010 @ 11:33 pm
if it were written by Jägermonsters.

Like henny kompleks kategory, "Komics" kould be divided in a number uf vays. Perheps de most useful subcategorization for our purposes iz by distribution meddod, because types uf printink associated vith henny meddod uf distribution hef historically been a bottleneck; der technological limitations (und schpace limits) hef imposed schtrong konstraints on de types uf Komics dey kan produce. Nevspaper komics, for eksample, must be komprehensible in faurly low-resolution black und vite, und a sinkle schtrip per day hes to be enough to keep readers interested.

Ja, see, dot's vy jyu need all de blood.  And de hats!

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