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13 January 2010 @ 04:06 pm
1)Re: the Haiti earthquake,  researching charities in order to donate intelligently. 

Thanks to rachelmanija , who suggests not donating to the American Red Cross, adding in comments  "I used to work there, and witnessed rampant mismanagement, incompetence, etc. They were also pretty useless during Katrina." -- very good to know.

I'm currently figuring that Doctors without Borders or Yele Haiti Update: bad idea would be good places to donate to help.

2) Not that this needs a signal boost, goodness knows, but dude, Google. I am fascinated, and wishing I wrote SF again.

3)On exoticism of language in writing about other cultures -- squirrel_monkey  talks about this in terms of translation, but I think the issue is just as present in those of us trying to present our (or others') cultures to a Western audience in English.

And this rings deeply, uncomfortably true to me, and has me wondering whether I pander to it: "There's interest in the other, but only presented through a certain lens, and dotted with frequent markers of the otherness -- rather than a genuine desire of much of the audience to understand people coming from other backgrounds."
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13 January 2010 @ 07:23 pm
...is actually that I ever make diss progress with poems hitting me when I sit down at the keyboard :)

Not locking this one, though it's drafty, because I think its real place is here.

The wonder of it

The wonder of it is that anyone isn't
lost, I, peripheral
that anyone

is never the well I never how do you
say your name again how pretty (strange) your English
is so good your skin so are you really from how do you say that in
Indian never the things you (people) eat wear sing
and why, the man on the tech helpline today it wasn't
English and you know Jesus would never why would you
deserve what would you know
you about

never faking never peering in I wonder
should I (can't know) ask
what it's like?


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