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GUD has reopened for submissions for issue 7. And they'd really like it if more writers of color and non-American writers considered submitting. For, I think, the right reasons: the GUD editors get that they're not gonna have cultural diversity in the TOC if they don't have it in the slush pile, and that it's their job to get that. They say:

It's a sad truth that English-language literary magazines (at least those based in the U.S.), when they're purportedly intended for a general, ethnically diverse audience, tend to default to a single, homogeneous cultural aesthetic. That's been changing lately, and we like to think we're an important part of that change, but we're up against the fact that a majority of the fiction we receive for consideration is written by and/or about white Americans, in a white-American style. And a lot of those submissions are great; we're happy to get them. But there's also a lot of great work out there by and/or about people who aren't white Americans, and we'd like to put more of it in the pages of GUD Magazine. That has to start with getting more of it in our slushpile.

GUD has been pretty good on the offering-multiple-perspectives thing in the past, from the issues I've read (and been in!) -- and one reason is that they do in fact notice if their TOC looks awfully monocultural, and they see this as a problem & recognize the need for outreach. And it's a great magazine, so I hope people will consider submitting!

Also -- their focus just now is on ethnic/cultural diversity, but I suspect they'd also really like stories by & about people of other marginalized groups.
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