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kirizal's wonderful story Armature of Flight is up at Fantasy Magazine!

I particularly love what Sharon does with characters and worlds, the subtle and convincing ways she makes them broken. It's something she's got me thinking about a fair amount; I rather hope proximity to her will help me figure it out :)
And I'd say more but it'd be horribly spoilery.

Also, hi! I miss you guys. But this is just a fly-by post (one of two), and while I'll happily read any comments I may not be able to reply; my tendonitis is better but still quite bad, & I can't be back for real till I can send my advisor a chapter draft.
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10 February 2010 @ 11:00 am
So while I have been not posting, some things have been happening, or continuing to happen.

Shimmer's author spotlight on me for the Clockwork Jungle book is up -- it's got me reading an excerpt from The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, and it also has a picture of me in aviator goggles & cap, so if you want to see me look and sound dorky at the same time, without finding me at a con, here's your chance :)

And! The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar (I don't think I realized when I named it how often I'd be typing that out) has been accepted for reprint in the Steampunk Reloaded anthology! (Which is still open to subs for 5 days, so come be my TOC buddy!)
I am totally thrilled about this, because Ann & Jeff rock, and so do their anthologies :)

And this is the latest in a month of reprints -- kicked off by the awesome Lavie Tidhar, who's taking Nira and I for reprint in the second Apex Book of World SF anthology, and continuing with two poems that were nominated for the 2010 Rhyslings* -- Apsara and The Bears are Working. And Quail Bell, a new a arts and literary online and print magazine that focuses on fantasy, fairytales, and magical realism, has asked me to be their first feature author, and will be reprinting up to 6 pieces of mine!

Sold some new poems, too -- Epiphyte to Jabberwocky, so nearly self-ordering to Illumen, and Cave-smell to the Goblin Queens' guest-edited issue of Mythic Delirium! First the poetry markets, then the WORLD!

...Speaking of the world. I'm eligible for the John W. Campbell Award**, so y'know, if you're nominating, here I am. But I also want to point you at J M McDermott's official Campbell pimpage post 'cause he highlights a number of people I think are awesome (including himself) and my wrists are giving out now so I can't do it myself.

And depending on wrists, I may not be able to respond to comments here, but I will definitely read comments, though I'm still not back on lj for real.

* Only 5 more days to nominate stuff for Rhyslings, too! Feb 15th is quite the deadline date.
** I hadn't realized this before, but this might be the only year I could be nominated. Because I may actually be in my second year of eligibility, depending on if Half Flight counts as a story (it's a prose poem in my mind but is long for that, and, well, opinions on it and on a couple of my other in-betweens varies). That's going to be a Hugo admin's judgment call.
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