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24 February 2010 @ 02:35 pm
Is here!  With cover.. actually the cover is so awesome I must share it!

steampunk II cover

But Jeff's blog post includes descriptions of original stories and other nifty stuff, and I'm not just copying it over.  The TOC makes me terribly impatient, and I love (of course) that they have translations and non-fiction and genre-crossy awesomeness, and am in general ever so pleased.  And well, I knew I'd be sharing TOC space with some awesome people, but wow, had not expected one of them to be Clarion classmate Ramsey Shehadeh!  *bounces a lot*
(and, meep, sharing TOC space with [info]yuki_onna! *fangirl swoons*)

Copying TOC (minus descriptions, cut for length:) TOCCollapse )
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