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26 February 2010 @ 12:39 pm
I also have a panel Saturday at 7pm, on which my name was misspelled so I didn't find it when searching the schedule on my name.

Sat 7pm Executive: Sexuality and Gender in SF - Virginia Waks(M), Lisanne Norman, Jane Fancher, Sweta Nararyan


I don't actually remember signing up for this one, though I'm sure I did.  Possibly with the headfuzz, I thought I understood what it means?  And well, I don't. 

Surely it does not mean "cover sexism,  gender normativity, gender binaries, cis privilege, and heteronormativity as exemplified and resisted within the genre community and within the context of genre stories (SF-only?  fantasy too? other genres?) within 50 minutes."

So I think I'll sort of ask during the panel and hope it turns out to be something I know something about...
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So the panel today was supposed to be:

Around the World in 80 Days: Steampunking the Rest of the Globe.

As panels do, however, it wandered.  It was actually: Everybody else is funny, and every so often I said something about other parts of the world.  Nobody else on the panel has read let alone written non-Eurocentric steampunk, but there are multiple anecdotes & stories about mythology or actual history that could turn into a steampunky industrial situation in other parts of the world.  C.J. Cherryh makes a good case for Crete.

We end up on the steampunk aesthetic on reusing materials today and the disposable-everything mentality it's reacting against, the fact that people do this all the time in creative ways in poor parts of the world cause we have to, and when did it become impossible to fix your own radio.  Also, pedal-driven sewing machines will help us rule the world after the apocalypse.

I didn't manage to note that the pedal-driven sewing machines I've seen are all in India and therefore India will rule the world after the apocalypse (or more likely have an epic stitch-out with itself), but still, quite a satisfactory conclusion.

Also, after the panel three or four people came over to talk to me!  And two asked for info about the Clockwork Jungle book!  \o/
And then in the dealers room kirizal  and voidmonster  and elsmi  and I found & talked to John Oliver, who said "Congrats" to me.  And I was all "what for" and when he said "Steampunk II" my voice went up about two octaves and I bounced :)  Then we saw samhenderson  and her daughters in the dealer's room, and Sam and I got to squee together.  And one of her daughters was wearing a crossbow, and the other a corset.

And kirizal  got a wing-and-gear pin and then I did too cause of our secret society I'm such a copycat it fits my stories as well as hers and is for squeeing at, and any way mine is the inverse of hers.  Plus it will go fabulously with what I want to wear tomorrow, which should sort of approach steampunk maybe.

Anyway, this is why I don't do con reports.  I start to sound like a five-year-old:  "and then and then and then".

...In conclusion, I want a wrist crossbow.  Also, Tipu Sultan was badass.


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