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02 March 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Just a heads-up -- elsmi and I are moving away from the place where people have been lying about smoking and smuggling cats indoors, to somewhere that hopefully is not trying to kill me (though that's the hope every move, of course, and this one does have carpets and apparently our HEPA vacuum cleaner is missing and the same people who have lied about smoke & cats are assuring us they didn't see it disappear. Still.).

So I'm still not really online enough to reply to everything I want to reply to, sorry.

Anyway! Got hopes for this place. It's nice, and also up in the mountains where the air is lovely.

Our mailing address will still work for the rest of the year, since we already rented the PO Box for that time. But now we're in a place that is just calling for a party and/or a writer retreat.

...After we move in, that is. *runs off again*
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