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These three posts tie together in my head, as the reason that The Gatehouse's notion of Victorientalism leaves me speechless in horror and anger. The people I'm linking are saying this far better than I currently can.

1. Most directly: fantasyecho's Countering Victorientalism in Steampunk Magazine.

2. deepad's paper, Creative Othering: The Oriental in Ballet, which gets at the fact that Orientalist Othering is not just an innocent lark that some of us are overreacting to.

3. rose_lemberg's recent post on noses, which she actually wrote a couple months ago -- this sums up why yet more bouncy exoticism seems racefailtastic to me.

Would love to hear/discuss thoughts on these posts, but I'm leaving it at "I think these people r smart and right" for now cause I'm supposed to be diss-writing.
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