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17 March 2010 @ 03:17 pm
For reals you guys, and in such wonderful company!

Sumana told me and I thought she was joking but it's REALLY THERE!



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(And now I have to do diss work! Everyone who responded to my previous post, thank you so much, you made my day! And I'll respond soon, once I've made actual diss progress )

Meanwhile, ACK! I have no idea how I missed this -- Polyphony 7 needs a hundred or so more pre-orders or it won't actually happen. And the Polyphony series is really damn important to me, y'all. It's what first showed me that perspectives like mine might be valid too, and that genrebending is okay. It's where I first found Vandana Singh's work & realized I was not the only Indian writing spec fic.

Apart from my personal story, though, they're great anthologies, top-rate and truly different from most of the ones you'll find, and I'd hate to see them go, so -- if you're even a little interested, do please consider pre-ordering #7!

Also while I'm signal boosting, Hal Duncan is kicking ass. He says: The Last Airbender is a water-fountain with a sign above it reading WHITES ONLY -- among other things, of course. (via charlesatan.)
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