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31 March 2010 @ 02:38 pm
1) Strange Horizons is made of extra win this week, with a story by Vandana Singh and a poem by Sonya Taaffe (sovay)!

2) The Diss chapter of doom is drafted! This means I get today and tomorrow to write fiction. Er, after I get books on the shelves and laundry folded...

3) Speaking of tomorrow! The Beastly Bride is out tomorrow! And it contains my story Pishaach, which at this point is my old writing, or maybe the very Start of my current writing, I dunno, I started its first draft in December 2006. Anyway! I'm nervous as well as thrilled, hoping it stands up to the amazing company it'll be in!

ETA: 3b) How did I forget to post this? I started the post meaning to post it -- Sultana Lena's Gift will be in the June issue of Realms of Fantasy! Via douglascohen, who posted the cover versions, and kirizal, who pointed 'em out to me.

4) And I have a new goblin friend to share this happiness with :) He came in the mail, bundled up so firmly by thewronghands that he had no hope of making that long-nosed dash for escape he so desired. He's an adorable little guy, and bound to wreak havoc.
Until he shares his name with me, I shall call him Mischief.

5) The new place is starting to look like a place! The number of cardboard boxes left to tackle is now manageable, and mess is currently Not Too Bad. Once books are on shelves etc, and before Mischief has had time to rduce all toe chaos, I shall post pictures :)
Current Mood: chipperchipper