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09 April 2010 @ 07:08 pm
Fly-by post because I have yet to diss today and I MUST before I'm allowed to write more story, and the story is eating my brains. This means I may (continue to) be slow to respond, sorry!

Goblin Fruit! Spring issue! Is up :) And it has two thingies by meeee! Also by sovay and csecooney and, and, erm... people whose lj name to real name connection I have forgotten. Oops. *blushes*.
I would look it up. But I really am posting and running.

First up of mine is Song of Shakti, and second is The Bone Harp Sings Nine Moods -- but the thing about Bone Harp is that YOU MUST HEAR THE AUDIO.

No really, you MUST. It is the coolest audio ever, courtesy the amazing Sangeetha Ayyar who lent her glorious voice to my little thingie and made it totally awesome. (And you know you want to hear awesome!)
And many thanks too to Mohan Ayyar, who helped make it all work out :)

(apropos of cool audio -- time_shark, you're it. I cheated by importing my awesome, but I still get to taunt.)

ALSO I got my contributor copy of issue 43 of Not One Of Us in the mail! It is called the shadow issue and looks entirely delicious, and as an added bonus my little poem's on the same page as one by asakiyume :)

And ZOMG The Beastly Bride is out. Has anyone seen it in the wild? I haven't yet...

My cup, it is overflowing all over the place. Watch out or you'll be spattered with little droplets of glee!
Current Mood: cheerfulgleeee