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Still aten't dead. Just going through a series of minor computer/health/internet disasters; the usual. Right now I'm not too sick to post but I am too sick to make diss progress, so... er... here I am.
Sort of. Physically, anyway.
Brain is off doing something I'm hoping will be useful at some point, but it's not actually hanging around to talk to me. Or you.

So, uh... look, a monkey! I mean look, FOUR THINGS you could read this month! No monkeys in any of 'em though a monkey out of my dad's childhood tales has a bit role in the newest novella.

1) Pishaach in The Beastly Bride

2) Sultana Lena's Gift in the most recent Realms of Fantasy

3) The Bone Harp Sings Nine Moods In Goblin Fruit (Oh fine have the written version too)

4) Song of Shakti, also in Goblin Fruit

Four is a lot, for me. Goodness, I feel prolific. Be cool if I actually were prolific, but this will do :)

Oh! And! alan_yee pointed me at Fantasy's recommended reading from Prime Books' Year's Best SF & F 2010, which contains my short story Daya and Dharma along with some wonderful company, so that's sort of five things.

Oh and, if you've been wondering when I'd talk about the subject line, ummm actually I just did that cause I've been thinking about glorking from context & reading Others; I got nothin' beyond that. The full line is: This gubblick contains many nonsklarkish English flutzpahs, but the overall pluggandisp can be glorked from context.
Couldn't find the source in the 15 seconds I spent trying, but here, have a bunch of self-referential sentence humor.

I go nap now. Or play freeciv.
Current Mood: anxiousflutterwitted