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and it mentions me!  squeee!

Via time_shark  :

Clockwork Phoenix 3
Edited by Mike Allen, Norilana (www.norilana. com), $11.95 paper (316p) ISBN 978-1-60762062-4
Allen's third volume of extraordinary short stories reaches new heights of rarity and wonder. Marie Brennan sets the bar high with "The Gospel of Nachash," a fine reinterpretation of the Adam and Eve legend from a fresh perspective. Tori Truslow's scholarly "Tomorrow Is Saint Valentine's Day" tells the story of the Great Ice Train and its encounter with the merfolk on the Moon. Gemma Files's "Hell Friend" and C.S.E. Cooney's "Braiding the Ghost" are sinister, spine-tingling ghost stories. Cat Rambo deals with realism and escapism in her futuristic "Surrogates," where appearances and reality are mutable. Shweta Narayan's "Eyes of Carven Emerald" eloquently rewrites the history of Alexander the Great to include mechanical entities. Without a wrong note, all the stories in this anthology admirably fulfill Allen's promise of "beauty and strangeness." (July)

From here.

And on a tangent this week's Hark a Vagrant has comics that made me laugh especially hard. Especially the first one which features Isabard Kingdom Brunel meeting a steampunk. This engineer's daughter <3s Brunel.

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